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Join us for the presentation of the GOLDEN WEASEL AWARD!

The PTA’s Golden Cockroach Campaign

Some of the worst apartment buildings in Toronto are in Parkdale. City Hall has rated restaurants - where we eat. We believe apartment buildings - where we live - need to be rated as well.

We need your help to rate Parkdale apartment buildings. Just like restaurants, they can be rated PASS, FAIL or CONDITIONAL PASS.

To date, four of the worst buildings in Parkdale have been condemned by the community.

The worst building in Parkdale receives the infamous Golden Cockroach Award … and lots of publicity! The media is very interested in this award.

And in 2004 the PTA introduced the Golden Weasel Award for the person or level of government which has weaseled out of its commitment to protect tenants against slum conditions.

If your Parkdale apartment or building needs work, call 416-760-2149 or email!

We will:

- help you complain to your landlord in writing

- take photos of the problem so you have a record of it

- include your problems in a group complaint to the building inspection office at City Hall

- help organize a mass inspection of bad apartment buildings in Parkdale, including yours.

How to help us rate buildings in Parkdale

If you’re a tenant in Parkdale, fill out this questionnaire, or give us a call at 416-760-2149 – leave your name and number. Or email us at We can arrange to visit your building and ask all the tenants to help us rate it.

Building Ratings Registry

Preliminary results of our building ratings campaign are now available.

Last Updated: 28-November-2010